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One night at the household Earthling, Hunky Dory and Ziggy decided to watch soccer. In fact, Ziggy only agreed to watch with them, because he did not want to go out with the others – he had a cold. And watching TV with Tommy and his room full of monitors where every single one showed another series, documentary or news was not the better choice.
So the three personae sat all on the couch and followed the match.

But instead of watching the teams, Ziggy sniffled and coughed all the time and after a while the two other men were really annoyed.
"Listen, Ziggy," said the man with the orange buzz cut. "We know you don't feel so well today. But could you please stop this? Have my handkerchief, if you want. We would really like to see the match." He spoke in a very calm tone but the red-haired Martian pouted and looked at him somewhat insulted.
"This is so boring!" he complained. "I don't understand how you two can spend your time with such silly stuff as soccer! Can't we just watch a comedy?"
"It is a comedy watching you." snarled Earthling and continued as if he spoke to himself. "We could have spent our time with other things, if you had stayed in your room as Newton did." Dory, who sat at the other end of the couch, sent him a shy smile, as he heard the words.
Luckily Ziggy sneezed right in the same moment and did not really hear this. He sniffled again and took the tissue Earthling gave him.
"Thanks," he said and blew his nose.

Five minutes later the Martian began to put red nail varnish on his toes and didn't notice the first goal by Dory's favourite team. So he smeared the little brush right over his foot and almost fell off the couch when Dory cheered with joy and leaned over his back to hug Earthling in a very passionate way.
A few seconds later the first half time was over and the red-head went to the bathroom to get some nail varnish remover.

When Ziggy had left the two other personae were still hugging and Dory sat more or less on Earthling's lap. They just started to kiss, when they heard Ziggy opening the door to the bathroom. Assuming he would need a little longer, what meant they would be undisturbed for at least the next thirty minutes; Earthling turned off the TV and leaned in to kiss Dory.
Just when they deepened their kiss, they heard a shriek and a door was slammed.

Alarmed the two personae got up from the couch and Dory went upstairs, to see what shocked his friend so much.
He walked up the stairs and found Ziggy with his face as white as the tiles in the bathroom, sitting at the wall and holding his knees, swaying to and fro.
"Hey, Ziggy. What happened?" Dory asked and took the red-head's hand to pat it comforting.
"Y-You you wont believe me." Ziggy began. "I-I've just seen Tommy. He's taking a bath. And-and… he is totally naked!" He covered his face with his hands and started shaking when he remembered the shocking sight.
"But what's the problem? I guess he doesn't look so different from you. I mean…" Dory was slightly confused.
Instead of answering, Ziggy only made a whimpering noise and turned to hide at Dory's shoulder, when suddenly Tommy himself walked out of the bathroom, whistling. His orange hair was wet and hung down to his eyes. Around his hips he wore a towel. Nothing, except of his extremely skinny body seemed scary to Dory.
But the Martian just screamed again and rushed down the stairs, where Earthling still waited for Dory to return.
Meanwhile Dory gazed at the Anthean, who just shrugged his shoulders and went to his room without stopping whistling. Then he followed Ziggy downstairs, where Earthling was trying to talk to him.
"What for God's sake is up with you, Stardust?" asked he. "Tommy is a man just as you are. Don't tell me you've never seen a naked man…" He was interrupted by Ziggy, who almost cried when he heard these words.
"You don't understand me! Tommy does look different! He is an alien!"
"But aren't you an alien, too?" Earthling was now as confused as Dory was before. Ziggy almost had a nervous breakdown. He sighed dramatically and tried to explain what he had seen.
"Tommy, he… he… he wears a disguise!" he stammered. "He wears a human disguise. His really body is... is… is…" Suddenly Ziggy fainted and would have fallen off the couch, if Dory who still patted his shoulders, had not held him back.
"I think we should bring him to bed." said the man with the mousy hair. "Would you please carry him to his room?" he looked at the older persona in a very seductive way, but Earthling shook his head.
"No, I think it's better we let him sleep here on the couch." he said. Dory agreed and gently put a blanket around the Martian.
I've just written this little chapter during the last week and sent it to ~ZiggySaidToZane333 for correcting my English mistakes, 'cuz I'm no native speaker, as you might know.

So - here it is. A quite normal evening at the household and a poor Ziggy not only being ill, but also getting the shock of his life. :P

Special thanks to :iconziggysaidtozane333:!
You're a great girl! :tighthug:

And yes, mild slash. Don't kill me for that. And please don't kill me for the soccer part. That's what happens when I watch England vs Ukraine...
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MidnaofTwilight3519 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaah, too funny! Good job, my dear, this is too cute!
ZiggySaidToZane333 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Aww, thanks, you're great too!:D Love this! can't wait to read more<333
silvermoon822 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
haha very nice! I hope to read more!!! :D
Mutantenfisch Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
And there will be more! ;)
Thank you very much! :hug:
silvermoon822 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome! I look forward to reading! I'm trying to get all my work done tonight so that I can read your new chapter tomorrow! :D
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